My Family: Oregon Nephews

So I have been meaning to post these images of my nephews from this past summer. This year the two boy were able to spend a week with me in Santa Barbara. We kept busy with so many activities! It was great…. I was kid all over again. Afterward, I went back with them to Oregon for a few days. While in California I didn’t get the time to take some shots of them, so I made sure I did once I got them back home. Here are a few shots from that trip.

Santa Barbara Family Photos: The Lomelinos

I have been fortunate to document the Lomelino Family for the past few years. It really has been so much fun to play with the kids! Not only are they all so photogenic, but they are also so very sweet. Each of them have their own distinct character and sense of humor. Anyone who knows them will attest to this. You can search the archive and find images from the previous years. Take a look of some of the shots from our day out.

Los Angeles, CA: Mike G. Headshots

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to take some photographs for a up and coming actor named Mike. He is currently enrolled at the The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles. I have to say Mike made this session so easy and fun. I’m very excited to watch his career develop and grow! He is a talented young man with many opportunities ahead. Here are some of the images from our session.

New Orleans, LA: School at Blair Grocery

As I walked through the streets of the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, I stumbled across the School at Blair Grocery. In my wanderings, a couple of volunteers who were working and told me I needed to check this school out. What I found was an urban agricultural project. With some of the vacant land in the Lower 9th Ward, this group has been able to teach teenagers in and around the area how to grow fruits and vegetables. The produce grown is then sold to local restaurants and farmers markets. These revenues are then able to employ some of these youth in this neighborhood. Here are just a few brief images of something right occurring in New Orleans. Be sure to check out their website!

New Orleans, Louisiana: The Lower 9th Ward

In the time while I was in New Orleans, I was able to spend a little time in the Lower 9th Ward. Its unbelievable the amount of development that is still needed considering Hurricane Katrina was nearly 6 years ago! There are sections of abandoned neighborhood blocks, houses in decay, and continual reminders of the devastation which forever altered this community. One could walk down the street and see drive ways leading to nothing, steps to a non existent home, or street corners with fire hydrant and street sign but yet nothing around. Looking around makes me wonder how can you re-establish a community to where is can then thrive on its own. How can people return to their homes, when there are no jobs or business to support the community. There are no nearby grocery stores for people to get food. Local law enforcement is very limited, thus requiring people to be responsible to protect themselves. Why has this area been forgotten and neglected?

I don’t have the answers of the exact steps of what needs to be done, but what I can say is that more is still needed….more time to care…. more awareness to be raised… and more action to be made. All isn’t entirely wrong and terrible. There are positive happening within this community. A better well known project is Make it Right which Brad Pitt has used his influence to bring awareness and change to this area in order to rebuild homes for these affected people. The newly rebuilt homes are a result of this project.

There are still more examples of good things occurring in this community. Im exited to share about another cool project which I stubbled upon as I walked through the streets of the Lower 9th Ward. I’ll go in more detail in my next post. Stay tuned more more images and stories to share.

kellock - those houses at the end of your post look like some of the finalists to a college architecture/engineering project SB EGB thought about tackling a couple years ago…a competition of whom could build a house <$2500 dollars (or something ridiculously low) that had specific qualifications…like the first floor 4 ft above ground